“We are building a corporate legacy, on the pillars of quality service and uncompromising business support”

About Maphorisa Initiatives

Faith Nxumalo founded Maphorisa in 2009 and registered it in 2011. The company is now based in central Pretoria and provides fully outsourced IT technology solutions, surveillance technology, mechanical automation, communications and Consulting to South Africa, and west african based businesses.

Over the past several years, Maphorisa Initiatives has transitioned from a typical IT Support Partner, to a technology and communications partner providing consultancy, strategy based IT, automation and communications.

Maphorisa Initiatives now helps businesses increase revenue, improve efficiency and decrease risk – through improved technology solutions and proactive management.

We are proud to partner with over 22 African based businesses, providing them with technology consulting, communications, mechanical automation , IT strategy, proactive monitoring and support from our central Pretoria base.

We are committed to enabling growth and success for firms in the Financial Services, Property, Security, communications, health, construction and Professional Services sectors through the provision of tailored solutions that enable them to achieve their business goals.

Management Team

Maphorisa Initiatives is 100% owned by its management team and has no external investors. This means we control what happens within the company, how money is spent and invested for the future, and how our service will adapt to future changes. Maphorisa Initaitives is debt-free, profitable and commits to investing in its people, quality and security management systems.

We are committed to hiring and investing in the best people. All Maphorisa Group employees are the best in their core fields, most started with the company have now become professionals.

We are only interested in hiring people who are willing to grow with us in the long term. We believe in investing in quality staff results in staff who are invested in the company.

Meet the team

Core Values

Our core values are not just written on paper and filed away. We came up with them by looking at the traits we have embodied since the start, and endeavor to continue encapsulating them through our daily activities, interactions with our customers and when recruiting new employees.

Our Values

  • Excellence : We always strive to do that little bit extra. We challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service. We seek the best talent and promote personal and professional development. We aim to always exceed our goals and the expectations of our clients and our colleagues.
  • Ownership: We take ownership of our customers’ needs and are accountable for delivering friendly and professional service. All of our staff take full accountability for our work, and put in the additional time and effort to finish the job.
  • Personal Development: We value learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring. Engineers are encouraged to take additional exams and certifications, and put these to use by working alongside more experienced colleagues on new projects.
  • Fun: We have fun at work, and regular social events. It’s essential to our well-being and to creating real relationships. A lively and friendly atmosphere at work allows for a happy team, and a happy team translates into high motivation and better service.



Building on the pillars of quality service, partnerships, professionalism and superior knowledge of our core businesses. We strive to be the Service Provider of choice for SME customers throughout South Africa.


Through professional services we aim to provide our customers with solutions that leverage only the best from the ever-changing and dynamic industry, distinguishing ourselves through our service ethic, delivery mechanisms and attention to detail.

Focus Areas

The key areas of business we focus on improving with technology, security and communications are:

  • Growth
  • Efficiency/Productivity
  • Business Continuity/Risk