Business Developer for Maphorisa issues a public apology

In the past week, Mr. David Aladegbaiye Patricks,  our Business Developer and International representative to west Africa has spoken about his low performance and inability to deliver work at his best for the past 2 months plus due to a defamatory issue with a company he labels an anti-black business. His experience was elaborated when speaking at the Inner Circle Business meeting on Friday, 6th October in Tshwane. He described the unforgiving attitude some businesses have towards black owned business and a stereotype that is prevalent among some race peddling companies.

One of the management team had sent an email to Mr. David where he used expressions that were defamatory to the character and person of Mr. David A Patricks. The issue was further damned when Maphorisa Initiatives was threatened with a lawsuit, an act that was also considered unethical and used as a way to subdue the opinions and actions that can be taken against the company in question.

Mr. David made a public statement, where he issued an apology to all affected, ” I have been at my lowest performance for the past 2 months plus due to a defamatory and copyright issue by an anti black business. A job that was finalized was sabotaged by an unscrupulous insight and after we have investigated the claims and won our lawsuit, the company was adamant and unforgiving towards the relationship. I have had to make apologies for late job deliveries to other clients and my cold attitude for weeks. I also lost a contract that was due based on money spent on the Public relations aspect of things. Today I want to thank colleagues and everyone that has encouraged us, supported and backed us despite the ordeal. I can assure you that I am recovering and promise to deliver at a premium standard to all. Thanks”

The issue was in relations to a copyrights claim with Maphorisa Initiatives and an america image sales company that affected a very promising business project with the company in question.

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  1. I am very confident that you would beat the odds. We have been in partnership for the past 6 years and I am sure you always do. Keep your head up and we appreciate you Sir.

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