Maphorisa Initiatives launches Newspaper

The growing use of media platforms to market businesses in Africa has risen in recent years and surpassed the conventional promotional methods. Online publications have become the new heralds for promoting business communications and public statements. Businesses have taken advantage of this medium and collaborated with media houses to enable them benefit from the database of users and subscribers.

The increase in leads and business opportunities is based on facts that were gathered in consequent surveys conducted by Millionsworth Public relations. The survey shows a 65% success rate in marketing campaigns of businesses that use online platforms as a means to reach new audiences than the conventional print medias.

87% of the population in South Africa has access to internet enabled phones and browse media links more than 4 times a day, coupled with access to social media platforms, a business can gain a 45% lead rate than the conventional print methods. Online access also gives nominal live data of users and reach, as well as questionnaires and extra resources that are not available in print.

Scale of print media was calculated at 123,000 rpm a day which is not equivalent to the reach of online platforms in 2 hours, with a good reach an online media can reach up to 546,000 people in more than 4 provinces. This is not the same with print medias.

Metros Magazine was the first media platform to be developed in view of these benefits but the publication designs has limited publications rights. This was what led to the commission of the business development manager to create the business operandi for running an online newspaper that is schedule to have a monthly print version (e-version). Townpress, Newspaper which was accepted by the business board and led to the operations of a new media division.

Townpress would publish all classes of news, and mainly focus on stories that have a community focus, this would help communicate messages and statements in geographically managed areas and allow the news management to monitor reach and followers. This would in turn also assist to help businesses manage their campaign effectively.

Second notion on the creation of Townpress is to generate un-bias news that is not politically or religiously motivated and would be  distributed to the masses to inform and educate them, as we are solely a business outfit that has designed the platform to leverage on the benefits of online marketing for our partners and businesses in Africa.

Townpress would employ journalists and media correspondence in South Africa and engage freelancers to inform and educate the country, with the business mandate to assist companies with marketing and promotions, this is the goal of Maphorisa Initiatives and has led to the launch of a media publication called Townpress Newspaper, South Africa.

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