Public Declaration of misrepresentation and Indemnity Notice

This notice serves as an official confirmation that one Mr. Vela Samuel Hlongwane who is reported as referring himself as an employee or associate of the company, is not.
Our companies: Millionsworthpr, Maphorisa Initiatives, Nativity Concepts and affiliates does not have any business dealings or past relationship with him. Any organization or individual who carries out any business or transactional dealings with him, does so at their own risk.
This notices protects Maphorisa Initiatives, all its affiliate companies from any loss arising from false representations by any individual or company and serves as security against or exemption from legal responsibility for any actions.

Anyone who carries out any dealing(s) with persons or institutions purporting to represent any of our organizations without confirmation does so at their own risk. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss that may arise as a result of negligence or misrepresentation.

For Futher Information
Contact Mr. David Aladegbaiye Patricks
Email: or
Contact: 012 770 5459 or 0766992974
Or drop us a direct message on

Official Release

Maphorisa Communications – Public Declaration of Misrepresentation and Indemnity Notice by Townpress Newspaper on Scribd

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