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Benefits of Using VPN, when working from home

Working remotely has become the new normal, thanks to all these technological advancements. You can connect with your colleagues from all around the planet. At the same time, technology is the one that enabled the nomadic lifestyle to exist harmoniously.

But as technology has developed, so did hackers. If you do not protect your computer while surfing the internet, it may be hacked. We already know that data about what we do online is collected all the time. This is how you get personalized discounts and offers to things you only spoke about with your friends.

The developments of technology also enabled people to work from wherever they like doing it. You see cafes such as Starbucks full of people working on their laptops. This is something students also do. Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network comes with a lot of disadvantages.

Hackers create networks with similar names so that they can trick users into connecting to them. Once they are connected, hackers have access to all the information sent on that computer. Sometimes, it may be plain conversations about exams or romance. But other times, it may be important personal information, such as bank account numbers, passwords, and so on.

These are the vulnerabilities every internet user has when connecting to the internet. Cybersecurity is a domain that is continuously developing, but so do the hacking methods. So, why use VPN while working from home? Which are the benefits?

  • Mask Your IP Address

One of the things that happen behind websites is a collection of data. You have probably come across a few websites that restrict your access to them. If you have wondered how they do this, it is because they have access to your IP address.

Your IP address indicates your location or country, and even though most websites do not restrict your access, they have it. One of the great benefits of using a VPN while working from home is that it helps you mask your IP address.

VPNs allow anyone to generate a different IP address to use. You can change your country and location. At the same time, as your real IP is masked, no one will have access to it. So, it is a plus of cybersecurity. This is essential for people whose jobs involve surfing the internet and accessing a lot of websites.

You are connected to your personal network, and it can easily be hacked. This is essential especially for those who have smart homes and all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Ensure You Keep Your Online Anonymity

As we have mentioned above, some websites do not allow you to access them. There are specific websites such as BBC iTunes, that allow only specific countries to have access to it. This is valid both for websites and apps. They can have access to your IP and this is how they restrict specific locations and countries.

VPN helps you mask your IP address and keep your online anonymity. It also helps you connect to a server in a specific location and have access to websites that blocked your real IP address. Of course, when you access websites, they will see your fake IP address, so your anonymity is secure online.

  • Wi-Fi Protection

Besides the protection VPN gives to your IP address, it can also help you protect your Wi-Fi. Sometimes, remote workers are traveling and working while being on the road. This means that you might usually connect to public Wi-Fi networks that leave you exposed to threats. Hackers can easily track your activity and steal important information, which can cause huge damage afterward.

Using a VPN connection helps you ensure your protection while doing all these. VPN encrypts your data, which is a great extra layer of protection from hacks, says a security business owner and professional Public relations company in Pretoria, who have both move some of their resources to remote work.

  • No Price Differences

Have you wondered why the same product on the same website has different prices depending on your location? It is indeed a good strategy many brands are adopting to get more clients, but how do they do it? They identify your location based on your IP address. And they give you discounts and offers based on that. It is for these reasons that some locations have higher prices.

VPN connection helps you eliminate these differences by changing your IP address on the store location. Remote workers might often need to order tools to help them in their job, so this is a good way to make sure you pay the right price for the products you want to order.

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency

One of the things remote workers struggle with the most is lack of productivity and efficiency. Many of them try different things and environmental changes to find their flow. But productivity might be harder to achieve because you might be distracted. Cybersecurity is a real problem many people struggle with, especially during these times when more and more people are using the internet. This means that the number of cyber-attacks has increased too, and this fact can bring a toll on your productivity level.

Thinking about your security online can be a huge distractor you might not be aware of. Using a VPN when working, no matter if it is from the comfort of your own home or your favorite cafe, can increase your productivity. You will feel safe to work from any place because your real IP address is masked, so your focus and attention will be on your tasks.



Even though VPN might seem something odd for some people that are working from home, it really comes with benefits. VPN helps you add an extra layer of cybersecurity, which in these times is so essential. As the pandemic forced more people to spend time inside, the number of cyber-attacks has increased considerably.

Protecting yourself and your personal data from cyber-attacks is important, especially when working remotely. You might work from the comfort of your own home, a park, or a cafe and you will surely connect to public networks. VPN helps you mask your IP address, change the location and country, and get access to websites that previously restricted it. It also helps you keep your online anonymity and increase your productivity and efficiency.


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